Thursday, May 24, 2012

Suggestions needed: Road Trip Food

Mr. Barefoot and the Barefoots-In-Law are all going away this weekend to a cabin in West Virginia.  It's about a 6-hour drive from us, and Bonus Sister Barefoot has to drive 3 hours to get to us, so I figure I'll make us road trip food.  I should admit something that I've been hiding from you all lately.  I seem to be (hopefully temporarily) lactose intolerant.  It's apparently something that can be stress induced, and since my new job is super-stressful, I can no longer eat cheese.  Bummer, I know.  I seem to be okay with yogurt, and I'm hoping this is something that I outgrow as I settle into the job better.  I've been here for three months though, so we'll see. 
So here I am, trying to figure out good car food, and I'm trying to come up with something that is easy to eat while driving - meaning all things that need to be eaten with knives and forks are out.  I was thinking of sweet potato black bean empanadas, but those seem really unhealthy and this is already going to be a super-indulgent weekend. 
Another option is sandwiches, on some kind of soft roll that will keep everything together, but I'm rubbish at thinking of good sandwich combos that don't involve mozzerella.  I have an eggplant in the fridge right now, and could do some kind of eggplant-goat-cheese sandwich deliciousness (since goat cheese is okay), or some kind of hummus-and-veggie blend.  Mr. Barefoot does not eat peanut butter, but I suppose we could get him some deli meat and we could each have a really boring sandwich. 
Other ideas I have had are things like roasted chickpeas, for protein, and then some kind of crispy and easy to eat vegetable, but Mr. Barefoot is not a big carrot-stick muncher or anything like that.  Also, some kind of spring rolls or veggie egg rolls seems like it might be a possibility. 
So please help me out!  What are some easy to eat car foods?  It's okay if they are a bit elaborate to put together, I just want something tasty and easy to eat that won't make a mess in Bonus Sister Barefoot's car.  We're going to be eating burritos several times in the next few days, so I don't think those are an option. 

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  1. So, what did you wind up doing? I'm so curious. Just ran across your blog, or I'd have told you what I do. Road tripping used to be my "hobby", my passion.

    I rarely eat on the road. I eat a small breakfast before I leave the house. I keep water available at all times and sip that as I go along. On some trips I have stopped to get coffee. I usually keep some snack, store bought, in the car and take a bite now and again if I get hungry.

    I never buy granola bars, but they are very handy on trips. Not the best choice for nutrition, but I eat so little when I drive, that a bite here or there I doubt will raise my blood sugar too high or anything.

    But really, if you take up road tripping, and you are only on the road for six hours, consider making it easy on yourself and just barely snacking. Enough to keep you alert, but not so much that it would be over-eating considering the lack of physical activity.

    Hope your trip was good. And I am curious what you did for food. Don't know you, just stumbled over your blog!