Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Final Menu

Here is how our Winter 2010 Menu came out - I wound up covering with vellum instead of laminating it, because I had vellum. I would have preferred a transparency, but I don't own any of those because I'm no longer in the 5th grade. The vellum lets us cross out which meals we do but preserve the menu, which isn't that necessary since we probably won't cycle this plan for more than 4 weeks. I realized today I didn't put chilli on this menu. Or enough stuff with goat cheese. Or any kind of stuffed pasta. So probably going to mix it up after 4 weeks. Or just make chilli some weekend. I keep having to remind myself that 2 nights out of the week aren't planned.
I left room on the bottom of the bulletin board to attach shopping lists for specific weeks, or recipes to.

1 comment:

  1. just found your blog and love this idea! we already do a meal plan for the week, but we've never done a month. i think we'll definitely try this next month!