Monday, October 26, 2009

Link Love

I don't read a lot of cooking blogs. I don't know why I don't, except that a fair number of them are very meat-y. Also, some of them with their obnoxiously good food photography are scary. My food? Does not look like that.
But just this morning, loyal reader and high school friend C. has turned me onto Cheap Healthy Good. And within 5 minutes of perusing it, I found like, 12 new recipes I Must Try.
Mr. Barefoot reads food blogs. Then he sends me links to things he, or I, or we, should make. Then we don't. He turned me on to Crockpot 365, which is great. But I simply do not have the energy to peruse a dozen food blogs. I read blogs written by people who like to cook (i.e. That Wife) but I don't really have a good store of food blogs.
So share your link love! What are your favorite food blogs? Are any of them vegetarian or pescatarian or vegetarian allies (i.e. make some meat free meals?)

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  1. Coconut and Lime - a little Bmore love.