Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu Plan

When you only have 5 people coming for thanksgiving, you do not need to make 10 side dishes.  I learned this the hard way last time, and was a major stresscase.  This year I think I will limit us to cooking:
-Turkey (Turkey Breast in the crockpot)
-Stuffing (Brought by MIL Barefoot)
-Roasted redskin potatoes in the crockpot (I may just cut them and put them under the turkey in the crockpot to cook in the juices and then make myself a small separate batch)
-Vegetarian main course (still deciding)
-Green beans with radishes (recipe tomorrow)
-Brussels Sprouts (my FIL always asks who is bringing the sprouts - I'm sure there is a recipe in one of our new cookbooks)
-Corn Pudding (brought by my SIL)
-Dessert (brought by my MIL)

This still looks like a lot of food, but it means Mr. Barefoot and I are only cooking 5 things and that two of them are in the crockpot and involve a minimal amount of work).  I can also enlist MIL and SIL barefoot to help cook vegetables once they get down here.  I'm also not going to make gravy - I think I'm going to use store-bought gravy.  Any recommendations?

I'm also going to serve a goat-cheese cranberry log with crackers.  Usually I do brie and cranberries, but I'm going to mix it up a bit - Mr. Barefoot often accuses me of being a one-trick pony.



    Someone recently sent this recipe over to me and I thought it was pretty neat. You could totally adapt it so it didn't have the bacon for a vegetarian version.


    Sorry, here's the full link. The first time it got cut off.

  3. I always cut my sprouts in 1/2, add with some olive oil, garlic & onions in a cast iron skillet & cook until desired tenderness.