Friday, November 12, 2010

"Who Brings the Sprouts?"

My father in law is a difficult man to impress.  I try very hard but the best I get is an ironic smile and a compliment I'm never sure is genuine on food I'm not sure is good.  So early on, when we began sharing holidays, he asked who in my family brings the sprouts on holidays.  Ever since, I have made an effort to be the one who brings the sprouts.  I tried cooking them in cream; I tried cooking them with maple syrup.  They were...edible.  Mr. Barefoot and his sister preferred them to the usual steamed brussels sprouts, but FIL Barefoot seemed unmoved.

Undaunted, and refusing to allow steamed sprouts a place at my table, I'm searching for sprouts recipes.  I think maybe these golden crusted sprouts.  Or, since I'm a sucker for anything with balsamic, I might give these a try.  


  1. I swear by sweet and sour roasted sprouts. Halve 'em, then sprinkle sugar, then drizzle cider vinegar. Roast till they smell good, and you're done.

  2. Halve them and saute/sear, face down, on high heat. (I start the oil on low, then crank it as I'm putting the sprouts in the pan-- It's a race, but worth it for that quick browning). Finish however you like, but a splash of lambic, covered to steam gives them a great, layered flavor profile.

    Cut and sear. You gotta try it.