Thursday, September 1, 2011

Costco Finds

I was pushing my cart through Costco yesterday and I thought, "y'know, somebody should pay me to sample all the weird but good looking products that they have that I'm afraid to take a chance on."  The particular item in question was a dried bean mixture that came in a 12-gallon bag or somesuch.  I've been burned before, so I'm really really reluctant to try giant packages of new things without review.  So I thought I would review a couple items that were risks, because I hadn't tried them individually before and had to buy a giant package, but proved delicious.

Kirkland Organic Ancient Grains Granola - I bought this yesterday, because I look at it every time I go in, and haven't gotten it yet.  We needed cereal, so I thought I'd try it.  It's really really good.  Slightly sweet, but not too sweet, with 5g of protein, 6g of fiber, and 9g of sugar.  I eat it with:

Kirkland Greek Yogurt - I have been buying the Fage greek yogurt at Costco, but was going through it pretty quickly and it's still on the pricey side.  I was happy to see that Costco has now come out with their own branded Greek yogurt.  The Kirkland Greek Yogurt has a lot of protein, comes with two large containers for about $6, and is good - a little runny, but pretty good.

House Foods Tofu - yes, buying tofu at Costco is borderline insane until you look at the price - 3 double packs are $3.50.  The nicest thing about this is that the tofu is already sliced in half, which made it really easy to slice into strips and saute them.  Also, you can freeze tofu, so it can keep for awhile.

Madras Lentils - Mr. Barefoot takes these to work when he's running late and doesn't have a lunch.  I've only had the samples, but they are really really good.  They are on the pricey side for work meals, compared to:

Cedar Lane Organic Burritos - I love these.  These are what I take to work when I'm running late and don't have a lunch.

Kirkland Weight Loss Shakes - These are what we take for breakfast when we are running late.  I actually prefer them to the SlimFast shakes, and they are a much better deal (something like $15 for 24).

What other things do you like from Costco?  Has anybody tried that crazy dried bean mix that I was talking about?  I just forsee it being something that gathers dust as I am constantly afraid to try it or something.  Is there a website that reviews all the foods you can get at Costco and comes up with recipes?


  1. I like the granola and the breakfast shakes too. We haven't bought the shakes in a long time but they used to be our go-to breakfast. I am going to check for those burritos next time because sometimes I need to grab a quick lunch as well.

    At our Costco they have a wild rice blend that is really good. I forget the brand off the top of my head though, but it's not Kirkland.

  2. Ellie, are you talking about the lentils, mung beans, and some-other-kind-of-bean-that-I-can't-remember mix? If so, I know you can cook them like lentils (i.e., simmer about 20 mins in water or stock, onion, and spices). BUT if you mean the mixed bean bag with like 14 different kinds of beans, make a huge pot (or several huge pots) of soup. Soak the beans overnight, saute onion in a pot, add the beans, a can of tomatoes, and enough stock or water to more than cover the beans, then simmer for about an hour and a half or until the beans are very tender. Add some veggies toward the end if you feel like it, whatever spices you want, and some salt and pepper. Very hearty and will get you through the week!

  3. Your costco is better than mine. I have tried the sprouted beans and they are good, but i would prefer it if it were only lentils. I would love to buy tofu at our costco and regularly request it, but no go. No organic burritos either.

  4. I go for the produce and frozen veggies/ fruit and balsamic vinegar and almond butter and almond milk! SO cheap!