Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So I'm a stress eater and a stress exerciser. Usually I just channel my stress into exercise. This past semester though, that was less possible than I would have liked.
I don't diet. I'm not a fan of diets. I try not to eat crap, which went to hell during finals. So naturally, my pants do not fit. Maybe this is because they got washed on hot and went through the dryer. But one can only make excuses for so long. And I really don't want to have to buy new pants.
So how do I go back to eating "right"? And what does eating right even mean?
For me, because I'm a vegetarian, eating right is the right balance of protien/carbs/fats. Lately I've been short on protein. And on fruits and vegetables. The farmers market is now closed for three months; our local Shoppers has crappy produce; and I'm starting to get a bit tired of salmon and shrimp.
(Sidenote: trying to get my eating on track has nothing to do with a new years resolution of any kind. It has to do with wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin, and no longer getting nasty stomachaches from eating too many carbs or too much cheese; it has to do with wanting my skin to feel less dried out and for me to feel less tired all the time.)
So here are the following questions that I have to determine the answers to while I am on a quest for a healthier existance:
1) What fruits and vegetables are currently in season?
2) How do I cook fish that isn't salmon?
3) How do I fancy up frozen fruits and veggies?

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