Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Rule

You know how you never go to the grocery store on an empty stomach?  Never go to Costco on an empty house. 

We haven't been grocery shopping in pretty much two weeks.  It's been pretty non-stop around here, between seeing friends and family and birthday dinners and trips home and things like that.  So we finally hit that point where we had eaten all the Wasa crispbread, all the frozen pizza, all the stocked freezer lunches, the last of the bread, etc. etc. etc.  We don't really even keep snack food in the house, and we were scraping down the bottom of the barrel on everything else, so I needed to make either a Costco or grocery run tonight after I gave blood.  Costco is closer, so I headed over there. 

When you don't have food in the house, you stock up as if a nuclear holocaust is coming.  So I bought freezer meals and thirty dollars worth of cheese and 8 boxes of pasta and a ton of sauce.  In my frenzy to make sure we Had Food, I picked up frozen pizzas and protein shakes and a sixpack of Lean Cusines and a bunch of other things we only sort-of needed and still won't make a meal. 

Now I'm home and I've come to my senses, a bit. But, I'm still not sure what we'll be eating for dinner tomorrow night. 

1 comment:

  1. I've had a similar experience, but now I will remember that saying, and try not to wait so long before going to Costco!

    It's so weird how one can spend so much money there and still not have everything needed to cook a meal!