Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Very Barefoot Thanksgiving

This year, my boyfriends parents and sister are going to come down for Thanksgiving dinner. This will, with all likelihood, be my only chance to host and cook Thanksgiving dinner until my father is old and gray and can no longer open the oven door or curse when he drops pots. Usually, Mark and I split up Thanksgiving, because it is the only holiday I am unwilling to sacrifice. This year, I have my high school reunion on Friday and am making him come to it. So rather than have him drive up on Thursday and back on Friday, his parents are going to come down during the day on Thursday. This plan does not make a whole lot more sense than him driving up, but they are willing to come down and so I'm not going to probe too deeply into whether it makes sense. In the future, we will probably continue to split Thanksgiving until either we have children or until my grandmother goes the way of all good things in nature. Once my grandmother goes, we will probably alternate holidays and years or figure out a way to make driving to NJ or having Mark's parents and my parents get together for Thanksgiving dinner. (This is absolutely the worst idea ever.) In the case where we are having Thanksgiving in Maryland, my father will be cooking. In the case where we are having dinner in NJ, Anne will be cooking. So this is probably one of the only Thanksgiving dinners I will cook.
So what is on the Casa de Barefoot Table?
  • Turkey (I have only made one once, but my republican friend told me that he would marry me so that I could make him turkey all the time, so I think that is a good sign.)
  • Cranberry Sauce (made by my mother, it's the only thing she cooks and it's fantastic)
  • Stuffing (sausagemeat stuffing made by Anne)
  • Sweet potatoes (haven't decided if I want to go with the traditional mini-marshmallows & brown sugar & raisins or a different route)
  • Mashed redskin potatoes (easy, plus they look good)
  • Dessert (probably made by Anne, but I may make a pumpkin pie)
  • Green bean casserole (this always looks like somebody threw up on it to me, so maybe there is a way to make it taste better??)
  • Seasonal vegetable soup - probably squash and beans, plus some other vegetables in there too
  • Seasonal bread? I'm thinking either a dark wheat bread, a cranberry bread, or a pumpkin bread. This would probably be more of an appetizer.
What is on your table this year?

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  1. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread has gotten rave reviews from the girl...