Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Menu Planning

Menu planning has been going well for the Barefoots lately. Last week we stuck to the menu Mr. Barefoot planned, and so far, all two days of this week, we have stuck to the menu we planned on Monday when we got home from Chicago (and made a spinach-goat-cheese-roasted-red-pepper-sundried-tomato pizza...mmmm). Tonight was Chili and Coconut fish, plus I heated up the leftover Coconut-Sweet Potato bisque, and steamed some brocolli (during which I steamed the pan dry and scorched the bottom, but its okay.)
I guess the key to menu planning is to be realistic. When I menu plan, I try to make 5 new and different slow cooker curries or something fancy. When Mr. Barefoot menu plans, he tends to pick old favorites with a new twist. When we average one new dish a week, and four favorites, we're much more likely to get it right. Tomorrow night is dal. I had dal for the first time last Saturday for Valentine's day dinner in Chicago (Indian Garden - highly recommend.) We are turning to So You've Decided to be a Vegetarian: Now What? a classic culinary tome for those in the under-20 sect for a recipe. Stay tuned.

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