Thursday, April 7, 2011

Registry Reviews: Pampered Chef

We registered with Pampered Chef, and I'm SO GLAD we did.  A lot of the items we got from there are the items we use every day in our kitchen.  Since a lot of people who like to cook get invited to Pampered Chef parties, I thought I'd say which items I like the most and why, so you know what you might like for yourself.

Pizza Stones - We have the large and small rectangle one and the round one.  These are phenomenal.  They cook so evenly and crisply.

Garlic Press - Hello, lover.  I love this thing.  Even more than the press, I love the tool that cleans out the garlic press.  It's amazing.

Batter Bowls - these are fantastic.  I love the 4 cup for small things, like assembling the liquids for bread.  Their lids fit really well, and the big one is great for bread rising.

Coating Trays & Tool - I wish I could explain exactly why these are so great, but we've been using trays and pie pans and tupperware to marinate and coat things like fish and mushrooms, and they just don't work well.  There is a lot of wasted breadcrumbs or sauce in a pie pan, and in the tupperware it gets stuck in the ridges.  These coating trays seem so simple and silly, but they're amazing.  Also easy to clean.

The rest of the products we got are awesome too, but we don't use the double boiler or the mandoline or the pie pan every day, and they're not necessarily the products I would recommend starting your pampered chef collection with.

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