Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Months

Six months ago, Mr. Barefoot and I did this:
But we also did something else.  We stopped buying bread.  We have not purchased a loaf of bread off the shelf in the store since October, probably the week before the wedding when I frantically stocked the fridge so that we would have food for guests and ourselves.  

Our companions for this journey have been Darth Mixer and The New Best Recipe Cookbook.  Every week or two, I whip up another loaf of delicious homemade bread.  We're still eating mostly white bread, and I would like to make the changeover to wheat, but we haven't yet.  

There are pros and cons to making your own homemade bread:
1. Homemade bread is so delicious, you can have it as a snack.
2. No weird preservatives.
3. Homemade bread doesn't make the best sandwiches, so it lasts longer.  
4. No sugar, since the recipe uses honey.  
5. Locally made :).  
6. Cheap.

1. Homemade bread is so delicious, you can have it as a snack.
2. It doesn't make great sandwiches (except grilled cheese)
3. Still using all-purpose flour, which has weird preservatives.
4. If you make too much of it, you gain weight and go through flour really fast.  
5. It can be a pain to make, let rise, and cook.  

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  1. We've switched to only homemade bread as well, for the same pros as you! My problem is that I forget to make the dough the night before - or, like tonight, I remember but I don't feel like it... :)