Thursday, November 3, 2011

More eggplant?

We got more eggplant from the CSA.  I love eggplant, I really do, but guys, I'm getting pretty tired of it.  So what do you do with eggplant?  So far I've found a recipe for some kind of eggplant wedges/fries, but I'm a little weary of them and so I was wondering if anybody had ever tried some kind of eggplant fries.  Are they good? 

We have another two weeks of the CSA. I can't decide if I'm excited or nervous to go back to actually menu planning and buying food that we want to eat at the grocery store.  We've basically stopped grocery shopping and instead I go to Costco every two months and sometimes Mr. Barefoot gets sent to Whole Foods on the way home.  I usually like grocery shopping, but I've gotten used to not having to do it and it turns out that grownups don't have a lot of time because they can't go shopping after Commerical Law gets out.

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  1. We haven't gotten any eggplant in our CSA at all! But I can sympathize with you because we are getting a ton of potatoes! It's been really challenging to think of exciting ways to use them since they are not my husband's favorite.