Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I had for dinner

I'm sorry to be using the blog as a roundup for what I've been eating, rather than sharing delicious homemade home thought of recipes, but I keep saying, "lets make that thing we had that one time" and Mr. Barefoot gives me a blank stare and I can't believe I didn't blog about it, so that's why you're getting the links.

Shallot-Garlic Quinoa, except I did the quinoa in the rice cooker and used three shallots instead of the recommended one, and added the garlic and shallots to the quinoa towards the end.  It was pretty good.

Honey Mustard Kale - we've been getting some unidentified greens lately, that my sister says are kale, but don't make very good kale chips, so I found this recipe and used the last of them.  Now that I'm not afraid of kale any more, and it's pretty cheap, I think I will be buying kale at the grocery store.  Not so much for chard.  Chard is still a somewhat tolerated guest in my house, but one I really don't want to have over for dinner very often.

Last night for dinner, I made this Sweet Potato Lasagna, which I will also be making for Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Rather than making a sauce with cream and egg whites, I did a standard bechamel sauce with a roux and milk.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do when I double the recipe, because I am pretty sure it will take forever for 8 cups of milk to thicken.  Any ideas?

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